Monday, April 26, 2010


Well I never blogged after the trip to Ukraine which was probably my favorite trip out of them all! Here is the photo album on Facebook! hopefully you can see all of these and if not, I'll get Constantin to make it a public album.!/album.php?aid=2055750&id=1103584216

The time we spent in Ukraine was great, we spent most of it in Ternopil at a big church there with their sort of young adult choir. Craig and Brady each gave a lesson every evening for the week and Oksana interpreted into Ukrainian. We sang quite a bit, rehearsing and singing in the streets, and discovered the city. We also got to go out to Zolochiv and visit Constantin's family on Constantin's 20th birthday. We took the night train to Kiev our last day and visited a group just outside of Kiev who are building a camp and facility for the use of all sorts of church events. We also got to see a lot of Kiev during the day. The people in Ukraine reminded me a lot of at home. They ate more than in France, were really hospitable and warm people despite the cold weather.